Travel Bucket List – Cities & Towns in Austria

Looking for your next cultural vacation destination? We can suggest you a few cities and towns that are excellent for this type of tourism and all of them are located in the same country – Austria. Most of the places there are not very big in size which means that you can explore them by foot. However, you will need to rent a car in Austria if you want to make your trip to your next culturally rich town in a short amount of time. Here’s a quick outline of these places:

  • Vienna – located in the state of Vienna. The largest city in Austria
  • Innsbruck – set in Tyrol and it is known as an international winter sports hub
  • Salzburg – the capital of Salzburg state and the fourth largest city in the country
  • Feldkirch – part of the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, situated on the border with Liechtenstein and Switzerland
  • Krems – also known as Krems au der Donau and it is one of the biggest towns in Lower Austria


We can’t possibly talk about Austria without mentioning Vienna. That is not just because this is the capital of the country but also because it is one of Europe’s greatest cultural centres. Musical geniuses such as Mozart, Brahms and Beethoven used to work namely here. The architecture of this city is another reason to visit it. Even hotels here look like architectural masterpieces.

Pictured: Vienna – Heldenplatz & Town Hall


This Austrian city makes an excellent place to visit because it hosts various cultural events. Among them are a big Christmas fair called Christkindlmarkt, a music festival known as Innsbrucker Festcohen der Alten Musik and many more. Since Innsbruck is set close to a mountain, it also a popular winter sports destination. The city has even organised two Winter Olympic Games.


The city centre of Salzburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is home to an impressive number of incredibly well-preserved baroque buildings. This is also the place where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born which means that there are many attractions in the city dedicated or related to the brilliant composer. One of them is Mozart’s birthplace – a house that now functions as a museum. There, you can see the first musical instruments of the composer and learn more about his early life.


Technically, Feldkirch is a town because it has a population of about 30,000 people. Yet, that does not make it any less impressive than the cities on this list. Since it is located on the border with Switzerland and Liechtenstein, this place contains traces from the history of three countries. The town’s most visited attraction is its downtown which contains an astonishingly well-preserved medieval city.


Did you know that, a few centuries ago, the town of Krems was almost as big as Vienna? The earliest records on this settlement date back to the 10th century. Even though today there are just 24,000 people who live in this Austrian town, it is still worthy of being on your travel bucket list because it has one of the most stunning old towns in Europe.