Top 5 Attractions in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s most popular commerce and business hubs but it is also one of the most famous vacation destinations. In addition to astonishing natural landscapes, the UAE offers the most luxurious resorts, cultural hot-spots, impressive architecture, unparalleled shopping centres, restaurants and many more. Millions of tourists enjoy its breath-taking beauty across its seven Emirates:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ajman
  • Dubai
  • Fujairah
  • Ras al-Khaimah
  • Sharjah
  • Umm al-Quwain

If you’re planning to visit the UAE, we suggest that you don’t miss these top tourist attractions. It is also a good idea to rent a car in the UAE so you can explore all these places at your own pace.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

One of the most impressive sights in the UAE is the Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest building in the world with a total height of 829 meters with the highest observation deck from where tourists can access breath-taking views over Dubai that stretches from sea to desert. With 163 floors, it has a lift with the longest travel distance. So, make sure not to miss a surreal view of entire Dubai from this marvellous building.

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah is the biggest artificial archipelago and one of the most daring developments in the world. Shaped like a palm tree, it is a haven for vacationers with a plethora of luxury resorts and villas, five-star hotels, high-end restaurants and bars. Atlantis, for example, is home to a five-star hotel, celebrity chef restaurants and adventurous entertainment and leisure options. You can enjoy Aquaventure Waterpark and swim with dolphins and sea lions.

Pictured: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert Park, Sharjah

If you’re interested in learning more about the flora and fauna of UAE, then you should visit Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert Park and its three sections:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Arabian Wildlife Centre
  • Children’s Farm

The museum has five exhibition halls, where you can learn about desert and sea habitats, endangered and extinct species, etc. If you are a nature lover, then this amazing museum is a must visit.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

If you are an adrenaline junkie and want to experience an adventurous activity, then you must go to the Ferrari World, a Ferrari-themed park with speeds not found anywhere else. Formula Rossa, which accelerates to 240km/hr in just five seconds, is the world’s fastest roller coaster. Your kids will be thrilled by Junior Pilota’s Driving School where they can learn about traffic rules, signs and the laws and learn to drive a Ferrari with the help of trained experts.

Dubai Mall, Dubai

And finally, go to the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall. Apart from a number of shops and dining options, this mall also has a huge multiplex movie theatre, an Aquarium, Dubai Ice Rink, Dinosaur Skeleton called Dubai Dino and many more extraordinary sights you just don’t expect in a mall. You will never want to leave this delightful place. And outside, you can admire the famous dancing Dubai Fountains synced with lights and music.