Car Rental In UAE

Over the past decade, the United Arab Emirates has turned into the top travel destination in the Gulf region. So, we are not surprised that you are planning to head to that rapidly-developing country. But before you pack your bags and set off, don’t forget to rent a car in the UAE. No matter which part of the United Arab Emirates you plan to visit, Whizz Go Rent A Car will be your trusted assistant armed with the task to find you secure car rental options. Use our booking form to find the top car hire deals in the UAE.

Convenient booking options

If you want to rent a car in the UAE, simply use Whizz Go Rent A Car’s booking form. Just fill in pick-up location and time, as well as drop-off time and date and you will quickly get a list of all available vehicle hire offers in the United Arab Emirates. With our help, you can rent an economy vehicle or a premium car rental in the UAE. Car hire options at Dubai International Airport start at a price as low as £19.88 per day if you choose to book a mini car from Europcar. Keddy, offers the most budget-friendly luxury car hire deals kicking off at barely £77.45 a day. If you are planning to land in the country’s capital, you can rent an intermediate car in UAE with a pick-up location Abu Dhabi Airport. The price – a little over £20 per day thanks to our partner Dollar.

Pictured: Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pictured: Dubai’s skyline

Must-knows about driving in the UAE

To rent a car in UAE, you need to be over 25. That often comes as a surprise to people who visit the country, especially given that the minimum driving age is set at 18. Still, some car hire companies offer car rentals to customers aged 23. However, that option often comes at a sky-high price. Remember not to drink and drive in the United Arab Emirates. There are some strict alcohol restrictions in the country and drunk driving often results in a jail sentence. In fact, drunk driving in the UAE is more of an exaggeration because the imposed alcohol limit for drivers is set at zero.

About the UAE

The United Arab Emirates consists of seven emirates, the most famous of which are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The country is home to the tallest skyscraper in the world – Burj Khalifa (828 metres). One of the world’s largest and most spectacular mosques is also set in this country – Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It has a capacity of more than 40,000 worshipers and its courtyard features the biggest marble mosaic in the world.