Car Rental In Turkey

Turkey is a breathtakingly beautiful country that serves as a bridge between Europe and Asia. You can easily explore both sides of Anatolia if you rent a car in Turkey via us. We, at Whizz Go Rent A Car, may not offer rental car services ourselves but we work with the most respected and experienced car hire brands in the world. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with us.

Rent a car in Turkey with us

Instead of renting a car in Turkey directly from the website of some local and unknown rental car provider, do that from the booking form available on our site. That will help you discover the car rental of your dreams in no time and to book it for the lowest price possible. That is because we work with client-friendly companies such as Enterprise, Essence, Interrent, Alamo and Sixt and we know how to find you the most budget-conscious deals available at the moment. Rent a car in Turkey with our assistance and you will be able to collect your vehicle of choice from many easy-to-find locations across the country. Our vetted partners have set their pick-up and drop-off spots close to top hotels, large airports, famous landmarks and city centres.

What you need to know about driving in Turkey

Turkey’s highways are well-maintained and they offer remarkably beautiful and diverse views that feature everything from beaches and mountain ranges to picturesque villages and magnificent rock formations. When renting a car in Turkey, however, keep in mind that the city traffic can be a living nightmare. That is why it is a good idea to use GPS when driving in the country’s cities to avoid the traffic as much as possible. Driving in the deep countryside can be a very relaxing experience but you always need to be mindful of the potholes that dot the rural roads in Turkey. Some of the motorways in the country have tolls but they are set at a rather low price.

Pictured: Aya Sofia, Istanbul

Pictured: Cappadocia, Turkey

Get to know the country

When in Turkey, make sure you go and see Aya Sofia (or Hagia Sofia) in Istanbul. This impressive building was constructed in the 6th century A.D. and over the many years of its existence, it has been a place of worship for Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christians and later for Muslims. As of 1935, Aya Sofia operates as a museum. Another interesting local attraction is Ephesus. Set in the Turkish province of Izmir, this ancient Greek city is one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world.