Car Rental In Rome

Rent a car in Rome and you will make your holiday in this lovely city more flexible. If you find the rental car services in the Italian capital expensive, consider relying on rent a car mediation services. We, from Whizz Go, specialize namely in that and we work in close partnership with all the big brands out there but we have the tools to find the cheapest deals available at the moment. This is why, with us, you can strike big bargains and keep your car rental costs low.

Rent a car in Rome and enjoy many extras

Driving in Rome can be a challenge if you are not familiar with this city. Therefore, it is best if you rent a car in Rome that has a satellite navigation. Or maybe you are looking for a vehicle that has an automatic transmission. We know that Target Rent currently offers a mini car rental in Rome which you can collect from the terminal at Rome Fuimicino Airport and use in exchange for the modest daily rate of barely £13. Those of you who are searching to rent a premium car in Rome without burning a hole in their pocket can book a ride from Keddy through us and spend less than £49 a day. Once again, the selection of vehicles you will enjoy with our partners is impressive and the pick-up locations are conveniently set in close proximity to hotels, stations, airports and landmarks.

Fully serviced car rentals in Rome

We, at Whizz Go, can assure you that all the car rentals in Rome which you can book through us are maintained in an outstanding condition. Our partners keep their fleets in a pristine condition which means that you will not spend your money on a ride that will break down on you in the middle of your trip. Still, some of the streets of Italy’s capital are quite narrow so if you do experience some car problems when you are driving on them, know that you will also get a 24-hour client support service and a roadside assistance. Thanks to that you will not need to stress over little things during your stay in the city. If you are looking forward to exploring not only the Italian capital but also the country of Italy as a whole, we will assist you in finding a cheap one-way car rental in Rome.

Quick facts about Rome

Rome is the only city in the world that has a separate country inside its boundaries – the Vatican City. This and the fact that the Italian capital has been around for 28 centuries have turned it into one of the most visited spots in Europe and the world as a whole. Many of its landmarks, attractions and museums rank among the most visited ones on the globe. Such is particularly the case with the Colosseum which was constructed between 70-80 AD. Rome is also the main town in the Metropolitan City of Rome which spans over an area of 5,352 square kilometres. One of the first things you will notice when you visit the capital of Italy is that it has an astounding number of fountains. In Roman times, the purpose of many of these fountains was not only decorative but also practical as they also provided the local population with drinking water. If you ever visit Rome, don’t forget to stop by Piazza Navona where you can see some of Rome’s most impressive fountains and statues. There are three airports that service Rome, the busiest of which is Rome Fuimicino Airport which is also known as Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.