Car Rental In Edinburgh

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You can be looking for a compact car to drive around town, a luxury vehicle or a family size SUV. In any case, go through the rent a car offers in Edinburgh that we can provide you with and you will notice that we can deliver the best value for money.

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There is no better car rental service in Edinburgh that you can lay your hands on at the present moment. We have established good working relations with all major car rental distributors in the city and they give us access to special deals and discounts that allows us to offer to you, on the other hand, the best price possible, as you have already had the chance to see above.

  • Toyota IQ from Green Motion for as little as £9.33
  • Fiat 500 from EasiRent for as little as £10.71
  • Peugeot 306 from FlizZr for as little as £18.81
  • Volvo V60 from Green Motion for as little as £28.29

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What is more, our friendly and helpful around the clock customer support is ready to answer all your questions and assist you with navigating through the booking process, so that you are a hundred percent certain that you have gotten precisely what you have set out to, without any compromises whatsoever. Booking your rented car in Edinburgh through Whizz Go’s system is easy and stress-free. All you need to do is fill out our online form and give us details about your vehicles of preference, travel itinerary and other details that are crucial to getting the service you have been hoping for. And do not forget, if you want some additional info, do not think twice about picking up the phone – we are always here for you.

Business or pleasure – Edinburgh is the place for you

Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since at least the 15th century. Edinburgh is actually not the largest city in the country, but rather the second most populous city in Scotland. It is located within the Green Belt of Scotland, which actually contributes to the beauty and unique atmosphere here in the city.

One of the best known and loved annual events that occur in Edinburgh and which we recommend that you visit if you have the opportunity is the Edinburgh Festival. The oldest such event in the city, it has been around since 1947 and features concerts and theatrical productions by artists from all over the world. As for museums, the National Museum of Scotland, the National Library of Scotland, National War Museum, the Museum of Edinburgh and the Writer’s Museum would be good places to start. The Royal Yacht Britannia, decommissioned in 1997 is also hosted in the city.

Edinburgh Airport is the busiest airport in the country and a major transport hub here. Travelling within the city, when not done by car, is usually by public buses. As for rail, there is the Edinburgh Waverley, the busiest train station in the capital and the second busiest railway station in Scotland.