Car Rental In Cork

Cork offers quite a bit in the way of sights worth seeing. The city is strewn with architectural feats and communal venues, such as the English Market and the Blackrock Castle. With imposing monuments telling the past of the city, there is a lot you may want to explore. What better way the by contacting Whizz Go Rent A Car? The companies we partner with will provide you with excellent and professional car rental services in Cork at a price that will not dent your budget!

Convenient locations and extras

Our partners can pick you from multiple locations, including the airport, which makes matters rather simple. You can even rent a vehicle next to the airport. The extras that come with all offers of the company will vary from free guaranteed kilometres to theft protection. Any extras that you may need, you can arrange upon booking.

Some things may be excluded so as to save yourself some of the costs or just dispense with features you will not find the use of. Our partner companies make sure that you have access to the best car rental service in Cork.

Now that logistics aren’t an issue, let us plunge in and explore the area. It will offer you tasty bites and many a good venue to meticulously study and document with your smartphone.

Pictured: The Medieval magnificence of Blackrock

Pictured: St Anne Church, Cork

Get to know cork with a car

Looking for places to visit in Cork? You will definitely have quite a few options on your hands. If you fancy open-spaces and bargaining, the English Market has caught a bit of that.

The city’s rich history allows you to witness sights the likes of Blackrock Castle – a formidable edifice which inspires admiration from first glance. The Church of St Anne, Shandon may look less imposing, but it is also a soaring tower of architectural beauty.

And if there is one crowning jewel to all of Cork’s grace and past, it is the Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral. With the excellent car rental service in Cork you have booked, you can certainly pull by a park and just enjoy a leisurely sunny afternoon. The possibilities are quite numerous and you should take advantage of most if not all.

And if you value art, you can always drop by the Cork Public Museum and explore the works exhibited there free of worry.