How to Rent a Car at a Cheap Price?

Travelling in a rental car gives you more freedom and comfort during your trip. These days, you can take advantage of quality car hire services even if you are planning to go on a holiday abroad. What is more, you can even opt for the vehicle of your dreams since rental companies offer a wide range of awesome rides that include sports and luxury cars. Yes, it is a wonderful time to be alive! Yet, if you are not careful, you may end up spending a ton of money on a rental vehicle. However, you are guaranteed to land a sweet deal if you:

  • Hunt for the best deal out there
  • Book at the right time
  • Strategically pick your pick-up location
  • Go for an economy car rental with fewer extras and additional services

Be an early bird

The earlier you book your ride the more competitive rates you will enjoy. Last-minute bookings are not always possible and even when they are, they come at a hefty price. Another great idea is to pay upon booking. Many car hire businesses offer generous discounts to customers who choose to do so.

Compare rates online

Before you make a booking, browse the web to compare the rates of different companies. If you do not want to spend hours doing that, simply rely on a price comparing site such as Whizz Go Rent a Car. In that way, you will be able to compare deals from various firms with the click of a mouse.

Keep your eyes open for car hire deals

Rely on the power of the internet once again to hunt for deals and discounts. You can use a price comparing service for that. However, if you decide to go about it, remember to never book on a random basis. Do some research and be patient if you want to save money.

Go easy on the extras

Who wouldn’t want to drive a car that has high-end GPS on board or mobile Wi-Fi and hand control features? But if you are short of cash, it may not be such a great idea to go wild with the extras. The fewer they are, the cheaper it will be for you. Of course, we are not recommending you to opt of extras such as child seats if you are travelling with your kids or winter tyres if you are taking a trip to some snowy location. Sometimes such additional features are a necessity.

Choose your pick-up spot carefully

Without a doubt, the most convenient pick-up location you can choose is the airport. But if you do that you may end up paying some very high additional fees. To avoid these surcharges, you can get a cab or use public transport to get to your hotel or downtown from where you can pick up your vehicle of choice. This is actually a common practice in some destinations. For example, people who rent a car in Las Vegas, prefer to collect their rental car at their hotel. There are exceptions to that case which means that you should always double check before you click the “Book” button.

You may not need to get insurance coverage

If you are on a business trip, you may already be fully insured by your company. Those of you who have travel or life insurance may also be covered in case of some rental car setback. Therefore, it is best to read your insurance contract before you hire a car.