Car Rental In Belfast

At Whizz Go we are dedicated to one thing and one thing only – to provide all our current and potential clients with the best rent a car deals in Belfast, and do so in a fast and efficient manner that will help you get the most out of your visit for the capital and largest city in Northern Ireland.

Wide choice of vehicles and prices that cannot be matched

What we do is simple – we connect travellers to rent a car firms in Belfast, and through the special deals and exclusive discounts that are made available to us, we help our clients to optimise their expenses while still being able to drive in a vehicle of their choice and preference. Let’s say that you will be arriving in Belfast at the International Airport. You will be able to pick up your car rental directly from an office of our partner their by simply identifying yourself. Book now:

  • Fiat 500 from EasiRent for as little as £8.93 per day
  • Chevrolet Spark from Alamo for £14.57 per day
  • Volkswagen Passat from Europcar for £28.01 per day
  • Skoda Superb from Europcar for £72.98 per day
  • Audi A4 Avant from Europcar for £91.96 per day

As you can see, we can accommodate your needs at best, no matter whether you are looking for a small town car, a family vehicle or a luxury limousine. What all deals that we have access to have in common is that they provide the best value for money and you will not have to worry about a single aspect of your car rental experience in Belfast, because we are going to take care of everything for you.

Your satisfaction is our top priority

The thing is that we have set up our rent a car service in Belfast in the most comfortable way possible. We offer you a wide range of pick up locations, car rental firms and individual vehicles to choose from. Our dedicated team is ready to answer all questions you might be having and accommodate you at best throughout every step of the process, no matter what time of the day and day of the week you choose to call. Pick up the phone or drop us a message in our inbox if you want to ask something and leave everything else to Whizz Go – your go to car rental service in Belfast.

The capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a magnificent place no matter whether you visit it for business or for pleasure. According to the latest estimates, there are some 335 000 people living here as of 2015. Coincidentally, Belfast is not only the most visited city in Ireland, but a major tourist attraction, and there are 7.1 million tourists visiting the city on an annual basis.

Belfast, at least in comparison to other big cities in the country, is a relatively car-dependent location. The M2 and M22 motorways run through it and according to the statistics, as many as 77% of all journeys in the city are made by car, with public transport occupying just 11% in comparison. There are two airports in the city – : Belfast International Airport and George Best Belfast City Airport respectively, the latter of which is closer to the centre and can easily be reached via rail. Belfast is a city with close connections to the music scene, with songs by artists such as Snow Patrol, U2, James Tailor, Fun Boy Three, Bonnie M, Elton John etc. having been dedicated to the city over the course of the past several decades.