Car Rental In Barcelona

Indeed, there is quite a bit to do in one of Spain’s most emblematic cities. From joining the fiestas to visiting Sagrada Familia, the city abounds with options. However, you may still need a ride to go about and explore the charms of Barcelona at your own leisure. Why not drop by Whizz Go Rent A Car great price checklist? We offer you the most reliable car rental rates in Barcelona.

Top-notch car rentals in Barcelona

Whizz Go Rent A Car is a licensed business that has been operating around the globe. At the core of our operations, we link you, our customers, with our partners so that you may hire a vehicle that will have you driving around town in a comfortable vehicle at an affordable rate. We collaborate with a number of companies to ensure that you may hire a rental vehicle in Barcelona.

Entrust our service with finding the best and most affordable vehicles for you on the spot. We partner with Inter Rent, one of the best providers of rental services in Spain and Barcelona! Prices start at as low as £8.52 per day and you can choose the mini option. Sixt, another partner, offers an economy vehicle for £ 12.51 that will help you navigate the busy thoroughfares of Barcelona.

And if you need something practical, you may still quickly snap up the compact option at quite the budget-friendly rate, for only £16.32.

What to do and see in Barcelona

Barcelona is a hotbed for football fans, tourists and architecture aficionados. To say that the city offers immense and equally-impressing feats of architecture is an understatement. To understand it better, do consider stopping by some of the main landmarks, which will reveal more of Barcelona’s unrivalled charm.

Casa Milà in Barcelona is quite the accomplishment. The already Sagrada Familia is a breath-taking edifice that wows visitors and locals in equal measure. It is certainly worth visiting along with the Park Güell where you will find interesting gardens.

Pictured: Casa Mila

Pictured: Park Güell

The whole area is steeped in history and offers a very palpable insight in the rich historic life of Barcelona. In order to be able to visit all of these breath-taking landmarks and more, we advise you to refer to our website and find a rental car service with one of our partners. Their fleets of vehicles are quite prepared to cater to your specific needs!