Car Rental In Vienna

Vienna is often called the City of Music. Therefore, it is best if pick the right soundtrack for your vacation in the city. How about the roar of an engine? We, from Whizz Go, can make your exploration of Austrian capital more pleasant and hassle-free by assisting you in finding the safest car rental in Vienna. Put your trust in us and we will connect you to the top vehicle hire companies on the globe.

Insured and secure car rentals in Vienna

The top reason why you should rent a car in Vienna through us and not through some other company is that we have teamed up with a select group of rental car firms which are well-established, customer-centred and highly reliable. This means that every single vehicle from the fleet of each of these companies is insured and serviced. That will make your trip around this stunning city safer. So, even if you are planning a family vacation with the kids, you will have nothing to worry about. In fact, if you are indeed looking forward to bringing the kids to this city, you will be happy to learn that you can also hire a car that comes with a child seat. In case something goes wrong, worry not. You will also get access to a non-stop client support service.

A hassle-free and fast booking process

Even if you have never booked a car online, you will quickly get the hangs of our simple booking process. It will take you just a second to get a list of all the current available offers in Vienna. After that, you will only have to choose the one you like and to click “Book.” Presently, if you choose to pick up the car from Vienna Airport, you can use Global Rent A Car’s offer for a mini car rental in Vienna. Its daily price is barely £18.32. The cheapest compact limousine rental for the same location is offered by Buchbinder for £29.15 per day. With us, you will be able to opt for a super excess refund. This is a small daily fee which will be added to your rental price. If anything unexpected happens, like you lose the vehicle’s keys or some of the passengers damage the interior of the car, you will not be required to cover these costs. How great is that!

Things you need to know about Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria. It is also the largest city in the country and its population amounts to 1.8 million people. That makes it the seventh most populated EU city. Vienna is known for its breath-taking architecture. The city offers a mixture of architectural styles. As a result, there are many amazing buildings in the City of Music. A great example of that is St. Stephen’s Cathedral which combines the Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles. The Vienna City Hall is another impressive building which is worth seeing. It is also known as Rathaus and it has a Neo-Gothic style. It is probably one of the most lavish local government buildings in the world. Another remarkable tourist attraction you see in Vienna is Schönbrunn Palace which is a Baroque palace and it has more than 1,440 rooms. It also features a number of large gardens, a maze and even the world’s oldest zoo – Tiergarten Schönbrunn. The Austrian capital is serviced by Vienna International Airport which is also the biggest airport in the country. An interesting fact about the City of Music is that the entire city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many legendary musicians and composers were born in Vienna, including Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss I and Johann Strauss II.