Car Rental in The United Kingdom

You are planning a business trip or vacation to the United Kingdom and you will be needing an automobile in order to get around as soon as you land. If that is your case, have no worries because we can find you the perfect vehicle for you needs with our high quality and reliable rent a car services in the United Kingdom.

We will find the best quality/price ratio for you

Our consultants will carefully listen to your requirements and then scout numerous propositions from several international brands such as Hertz, Alamo, Sixt, Europcar, Avis, Enterprise and more, in order to present to you the best options for you available in big and small cities alike, including Coventry and Chesterfield for example. We work in such fashion because different United Kingdom car rental companies work with different prices. For example a small automobile provided to you from Europcar at Heathrow Airport or Bristol Airport with a week’s notice will cost you about £60 per day while vehicles from the same category from firms such as Alamo and Sixt will be charged approximately £79 and £73 per day. Of course these prices may vary in dependence of the car’s gearbox, boot capacity, passenger capacity, type of tired and etc.

You can book our car rentals in United Kingdom at any time of the day

You can see in advance how much our United Kingdom rent a car services will cost you by giving us a call and requesting a free and final quote no matter where the pickup takes place – Liverpool Baltic Triangle, Gatwick Airport or any other location that can pop in mind.

Whizz Go is the leading car rental mediator in the UK

You can book your car rental in the United Kingdom from us at any time of the day and night, from any point of the world. Give us your travel itinerary and we are going to make sure that you have a rented vehicle waiting for you precisely when you arrive. Easy pickups and no unnecessary paperwork are our forte. We put great stress onto our clients’ comfort and peace of mind, which is why people love us.

Get countless extras without spending a fortune 

We, from Whizz Go Rent A Car, will assist you to book a fuel-efficient rental car in the United Kingdom that is available with an impressive range of extras. Our partners can provide you with a fully serviced rental vehicle in the UK that comes with satellite navigation and a 24/7 roadside assistance which are two incredibly important options when you are travelling in a foreign country. As always, thanks to our help, the final price will be rather modest. 

Due to the rainy and cool climate in the country, it is often said that the best time to visit the United Kingdom is between May and September. Even then, the sunnier days of the summer tend to be rainy. So, wet roads are something you should always consider when driving a rental car in the UK. A pleasant surprise for many visitors of the country is that a lot of the museums there are either free or dirt-cheap to visit. 

The United Kingdom is an island country in the western parts of Europe. It covers an area of 93.628 square miles and has an estimate population of 65 million people. London is undoubtedly the most famous city in the UK and is also its capital. It is home to a number of world famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the British Museum, Kew Gardens, the London Eye, Palace of Westminster, St. Paul’s Cathedral and more. Other large cities in the United Kingdom are Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff and Manchester.

Britain drives on the left side

The Highway Code is the local law codex which dictates the requirements for all road users. The United Kingdom is among the few states in the world which have a left traffic movement. This often confuses drivers from other countries, so travelers should drive carefully and give themselves some time to adjust to British traffic. Most foreign driving permits are recognised by the local authorities and can be used for a period of one year after which they must be exchange for a local license (US citizens are obligated to take the British driving test). Driving permits from the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are considered valid in the UK and aren’t subjected to exchange for a British license.

The United Kingdom is the 21st most populous country in the world and home to one of the biggest metropolitan cities on the planet – well over 10 million people live in London’s metropolitan area. Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester are other large cities that you may want to check out. But London is going to present you with the largest quantity of landmarks to marvel at – Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben are just the tip of the iceberg.