Car Rental in Sweden

Sweden is one of the most scenic countries in the world. That is why, if you want to get a first-row seat to the breath-taking views that the country has to offer you should definitely rent a car in Sweden, which you can pick up directly from Gothenburg City Airport or Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

What you need to know when travelling by car in Sweden

Sweden is known for having one of the lowest car accident rates in the world. Therefore, relying on car rental services to explore the country is not only a very pleasant experience but it is also quite safe. Most of the roads in Sweden are properly maintained but traffic can get heavy around the winter season holidays and in the summer when locals enjoy taking road trips around the country. The road network of the Sweden is extensive and it will allow you to easily reach even to some of its most remote areas which are why rented cars are the preferred transport mode among tourists. Another reason why so many people choose to rent a car in Sweden is that the country has no toll roads. However, if you want to go to Stockholm’s city centre, you will need to pay a so-called congestion fee. Also, although the speed limits in urban areas are set at 50 km per hour, it often drops to 30 km per hour in spots which are entirely or predominantly residential. From quiet plains and snowy hills to dense forests and wild rivers – there is plenty of to see in this part of the world.

Highest rated rent-a-car options in Sweden

It is of little importance whether you are looking to rent a family SUV, a luxury sports car or a small town vehicle, we at Whizz Go can arrange the best car rental in Sweden for you. Your convenience is our utmost priority, so why don’t you just send us the details for your trip and we will prepare the best offer on the market of rent a car companies in the country. As easy as that.

Rent a car in Sweden without any hassle 

There are many quality rent a car companies that operate on the territory Sweden but we will help you choose the one that best matches your personal criteria. Our website will help you browse through all the hottest car hire deals in Sweden and to see what extras each of these firms is willing to offer you. That will enable you to make an informed choice which is vital if you want to enjoy a risk-free rental car experience. 

The Northern Lights, or the world’s most amazing light show, can be seen in Sweden but to see them, you must make your way up the country’s northmost parts. The best thing about visiting this country is that it is filled with cultural attractions but it also offers amazing outdoor activities, many of which are family-friendly. Sweden’s border with Norway has a length of nearly 1,620 km which makes it the longest uninterrupted border in Europe. 

Convenient car rentals – compare prices

All our clients who are looking to rent a car in Sweden, will have the chance to choose between two of the world’s top vehicle hire brands – Sixt and Europcar. Both of these companies can be found in the country’s largest cities, among which are a Stockholm and Gothenburg. The main car groups from which customers are able to choose from are small, medium and estate car rentals in Sweden. Europcar generally has slightly more affordable rental rates than Sixt. In Stockholm, estate car rentals offered by Europcar start at about £37 per day and are available in all key cities and locations in the country such as Stockholm Downtown and Airport, Malmo Railway Station and others. In comparison, Sixt has set its medium rental vehicles at that same starting price and to rent an estate car from the company, you will need to prepare at least £280. No matter which brand you chose to use to rent a car in Sweden, you will enjoy similar extras, like unlimited kilometres, Collision Damage Waiver and etc.

At the present moment the population of Sweden is 10 065 389, 900 000 of whom live in the capital city of Stockholm. Other large cities are Gothenburg and Malmo. In addition to Swedish there are four more minority languages that are officially recognised by the State: Meänkieli, Sami, Romani, and Yiddish. The Swedish cuisine is simple but rather tasty, traditionally based mostly on fish, potatoes and meat.