Car Rental In Singapore

Are you planning to visit Singapore in the near future? If yes, you will need a reliable car rental in Singapore and we are able to supply you namely with that. We can provide you with budget-friendly car hire deals and help you enjoy access to a long list of extras.

Licenced car rental in Singapore

We are properly registered car rental suppliers with a more than sufficient amount of experience in the industry. Therefore, our partners’ efficient car rentals in Singapore are appreciated by a wide range of customers. The renowned brands with which we are working have convenient pickup spots at strategic locations in the state-city. One of them is Singapore Changi Airport from where you can easily rent a small car by Sixt for a starting price of £73.47 per day. If you are not travelling alone, you can opt for a large car for a little over £117.56 per day. If you rent a car in Singapore through us, you will also have the chance to enjoy many great benefits, including a 24-hour roadside protection, no hidden fees, as well as a non-stop client support service. We can be counted on for both short and one-way car rentals in Singapore.

An impressive fleet of fully serviced vehicles

Our partners’ trusted car rental services in Singapore are suitable for single travellers, people on business trips, family vacationers and etc. The reason for that is quite simple – our clients can choose from a massive armada of insured vehicles. From small and medium cars to premium vehicles – our partner brands cover the whole car rental spectrum. The vehicles listed on our website are maintained in a tip-top condition and they are clean, fuel-efficient and very secure. It should also be noted that we can help you find comprehensive car rentals in Singapore that feature different extras. For instance, you can get a vehicle with hand controls, GPS, a protection package and more. We supply excellent car hire deals in Singapore and our partners’ rates are quite low. Contact our polite and helpful consultants today if you have any additional questions about our services.

Choose from a vast selection of vehicles  

All of our partners have an excellently maintained fleet of vehicles which includes not only standard car hire options such as economy vehicles and sedans but also amazing alternatives such as premium and luxury rental cars in Singapore. You will have no trouble finding a secure rent a car solution for your unique needs and we, from Whizz Go Rent a Car, will help you book it quickly and at the lowest price possible.  

If your stay in Singapore is going to be a short one (i.e. under six months), then you will be able to drive there using only an International Driver’s License. In any other case, you may need to carry additional documents with you. Highways in Singapore are always busy so, to play it safe, you can try sticking to the middle lane to avoid unnecessary stress on the road. Also, everyone in the car must wear their seatbelts. 

Always by your side

Even if you are looking for a car rental in Singapore on short notice, you can count on Whizz Go. Fill out the online forms on this website and we will find the best deal for you, and arrange for convenient pickup and drop off options for you. We want you to know that we have your back at all times, no matter what. That’s why, after all, we have become the best and most trusted car rental firm in Singapore in recent years.

Why visit Singapore

Singapore is located in Southeast Asia and it has the status of both a country and city. Despite being so urbanised, more than half of the city-state’s territory is covered by greenery. Singapore is visited by over 15 million people every year because the Lion’s City has a lot to offer to them – from amusement parks like Universal Studios Singapore and innovative architectural solutions to the world’s largest and highest infinity pool and the city-state’s very own symbol – the Merlion. Singapore also attracts tens of thousands of students from all over the world with its excellent education system.

Driving in Singapore

Make sure you keep to the left side of the road when driving in Singapore. Even though the country is no longer a British Crown colony, many of the British driving rules still apply there. Also, remember never take a right or a left turn on a red light and to always keep your headlights on when driving at any hour between 7 pm and 7 am.

Bicycles, bus, taxis and trains are the most popular means of transportation for locals here in Singapore, so expect to see a lot of those during your stay in the country. There are several major airports in the country from where you can fly in and out, and respectively get your rented vehicle – Seletar Airport, Kallang Airport and Singapore Changi Airport are the most popular with foreigners.