Car Rental in Norway

Norway is easily one of the best countries to explore by car. Nearly all motorways and main roads in the country have scenic areas. That is why don’t hesitate to rent a car in Norway if you want to experience its beauties in a proper manner.

Driving through Norway

Norway is often called the Land of the Midnight Sun. That is because, in many areas of the country, the sun does not set completely for nearly two months every year. However, tourists who choose to rent a car in Norway should make sure to always keep their light on. The terrain of the country tends to be very mountainous, hilly and rugged. Combined that with cold weather and you will get slippery roads and a higher chance of a traffic accident. The good news is that most of the motorways in the country are free of major traffic which will enable you to drive around the country at your own pace and to easily pull over to take in the countless breath-taking views you will see along your trip. When researching car rentals in Norway, it is a good idea to get a GPS-equipped vehicle. That is because the Land of the Midnight Sun is one of the longest countries in Europe. As a result, distances often seem smaller than they are in reality. For example, it can take you more than a day to get from a town set in south Norway to a place set in the northern part of the country.

Efficient car rentals in Norway, including Oslo Airport

Naturally, the price of a short-term car rental in Norway very much depends on the location from which you decided to pick up the vehicle. Europcar and Sixt have established a very strong presence in the country and both brands can be found in Oslo Downtown and Gardermoen Airport. Europcar’s small cars can be rented at that pick-up spot for the starting price of £32.73 per day which is almost identical to Sixt’s £33.38 small vehicle offer from numerous locations including Trondheim Airport, Lillestroem Railway Station and others. However, Europcar does not provide customers in Oslo with people carrier and large car hire options. For those who choose to rent a car at Norway’s Bergen Airport, they will need to be ready to spend at least £510 per week for a medium car from Sixt. That is nearly twice as much as the medium-sized cars offered by Europcar at the same location. In the premium vehicle range, Europcar charges around £105, whereas Sixt – nearly £108.