Car Rental In New Zealand

We can help you make your stay in any part of New Zealand more pleasurable and comfortable by accommodating a rent a car service of an impeccable quality in all respects. Thus far we have managed to establish ourselves as one of the leading firms specialising in car rentals in New Zealand and what is even more important – we are ready to do whatever is necessary to live up to the reputation we have built.

The best rent a car agency in New Zealand – that’s a fact

Ever since we started working in the field of car rentals in New Zealand we have established good working relations with all the major dealers of motor vehicles in the country. Avis, Sixt, Keddy, AeroDrive and many others are included on the list of our business partners. What’s the use, you might ask? Well, it is very simple – those firms provide us with exclusive, reduced prices for rent a car in New Zealand – such that our competitors do not have access to. In this way we are able to provide you with the best value for money for hiring:

  • SUVs
  • Sedans
  • Small town cars
  • Luxury motor vehicles
  • Limousines and much more

Dependable car rentals all across New Zealand

We will arrange for the car of your choice to be delivered to the exact place you need it. We have offices operating at Auckland Airport, Christchurch International Airport as well as key locations all across the country, including in central Auckland and Wellington. Airport pickups are possible around the clock. Our price comparison algorithms guarantee you the optimal value for money and will not strain your budget in any way. Any vehicle you rent through our agency will be new, well maintained and equipped with everything necessary for comfortable, safe travel across New Zealand. It truly is as simple as it sounds.

The swiftest way to book a rent a car in New Zealand  

Short-term car rentals in New Zealand have never been easier. We at Whizz Go have made booking a rent a car through our platform, from any of our partners, as breezy as a walk in the park. Tell us what your preferences as of the type of vehicle and other details concerning your travel itinerary are, and the advanced algorithms that we use are going to take care of the rest for you. 

A well-known fact about New Zealand is that the country has been used as a filming location for the blockbuster and cult-status Lord of the Ring series of films. Actually, the breath-taking mountain vistas and peaceful green valleys of Middle Earth are located namely in New Zealand and are actually the reason quite a few people actually travel to the island nation. Tourism in New Zealand has benefited greatly from the films based on J. J. R. Tolkien’s novels.  

We care for our customers’ comfort and satisfaction

The outstanding client reviews that we receive on a regular basis speak volumes about the responsibility, reliability and efficiency that we provide when finding car rental deals for our clients. People on business and holiday alike have been our customers over the years and we know how to suit their needs perfectly well. Whenever you want us to get something done for you, just call.

Friendly approach to business

Feel free to inquire about our rent a car solutions in New Zealand by contacting our friendly and very helpful around the clock customer support. We can be reached both via phone and email, as well as live-chat through our website. Naturally, you can request a free estimate to be provided to you, which we will gladly do well in advance to your booking. Guarantee the comfort of your travel by renting a car from our friendly staff.  We will not let you down even one bit. All members of our staff are looking forward to hearing from you.

An example of our excellent prices: Ford Ka comes at £ 29.95 from NÜ Car Rentals at various locations, including the terminal at Queenstown Airport, while a more upper-class Holden Captiva from Europcar will set you back just £ 76.46 at the same places. Sounds like a deal, right?

The island nation of New Zealand is to be found in the southwest Pacific Ocean. It covers an area of grand total of 268 021 square kilometres and has population exceeding 4 788 000. The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland, but it is not the capital of the country. This privilege is reserved for the city of Wellington. The majority of the population of New Zealand has European descent, while most of the rest comes from the indigenous Maori population, which is reflected in the curious local culture which is a mix of both.

One thing that we should point out here is that New Zealand is considered to be a rather developed country and ranks high in terms of economic development.

In terms of transportation, New Zealand has a very well developed network that consists of 94 000 kilometres of roads and well over 4 100 kilometres in railway lines. The country has as many as six international airports on its territory, but at the current moment only those at Auckland and Christchurch actually connect New Zealand directly to countries other than Australia and Fiji. The country is described as very car-dependent. When driving here you should not forget that the traffic here is left-sided, just like in England.