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The city of the angels is one of the most famous cities and destinations in the United States. Home to Hollywood, a city where no one can go a day without a car.

The City of Los Angeles is described as being the financial, cultural and commercial centre for Southern California, and this is not far away from the truth. Only New York City is more populous than LA among the American cities. Los Angeles enjoys Mediterranean climate that makes it an attractive vacation spot all year round.

Most famously, Los Angeles is home to Hollywood and the global film industry as a direct result of this. The Gross Metropolitan Product of the city is $831 billion which makes it the third-largest in the world, after the Greater Tokyo and New York metropolitan areas according to the statistics available for last year.

Like the rest of California Los Angeles has a very prominent culture of driving. As a result, Los Angeles’s traffic is the most congested in the United States. Interstate 5, connecting San Diego to Tijuana in Mexico is one of the most prominent interstate freeways to run through Los Angeles. Interstate 10, connecting Santa Monica to Jacksonville, Florida is another. The latter is the longest interstate highway in the United States as of the current moment.