Car Rental in Ireland

Ireland does not have as many motorways as other European countries. However, its railway network is rather underdeveloped. Therefore, if you rent a car in Ireland, you will be able to visit more of places in the country and to marvel the country’s lush landscapes.

Getting around in Dublin by a car

The Emerald Island is not a very mountainous country and most of its hills are rather low compared to those that can be seen in Central Europe, for instance. Still, this does not mean that you should not be extra vigilant on the road if you rent a car in Ireland. Many of the country roads in the country are winding and they tend to be very narrow. Also, tourists find the local road sign confusing since they are either nowhere to be seen or they include unusual writings and warnings in both Gaelic and English, even very near Dublin. So, if you have decided to use an affordable car rental in Ireland, drive slowly and carefully. However, keep in mind that most locals are used to narrow roads in the countryside and they are used to driving pretty fast on them. Therefore, you may want to pull over when you see that a line of vehicles has started to form behind you. There are a number of scenic roads in Ireland. The most stunning of them is the Wild Atlantic Way which passes by some of the country’s top landmarks, including Ring of Kerry, Cliffs of Moher and Dingle. Another thing you should not forget if you rent a car in Ireland is to always drive on the left side of the road.

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Whether you need an airport car hire or you are interested in long term car rental in Ireland, feel free to contact us, and our polite and knowledgeable customer support will be more than happy to provide information on prices, additional services and other. We will make sure that your car rentals in Ireland go as smooth as possible. Our primary goal is finding the right car rental solution that will perfectly fit your needs and your budget. 

Ireland is worldly famous for its vast amount of extraordinary castles. Its history was filled with wars and violence, so in order to protect families from invaders, they built castles. Today, these castles are still standing and they attract millions of tourists each year. The most popular ones are: Blarney Castle, Bunratty Castle, Doe Castle, etc.  English is the main language used by Irish people but children in schools also learn Irish, which is a Gaelic language. 

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When choosing a reliable car rental in Ireland, one needs to carefully research the offers of all vehicle hire brands because every company has a strikingly different price list from their competition. For example, if you are planning to rent a car in Dublin, Budget can provide you with a small car just £6.03 per day or £42.22 per day, whereas Alamo’s small cars start at £166.59 per week, available at Cork Airport, Dublin Airport, the town of Kerry and other key locations in the country . Similar is the case if you are looking to hire a people carrier from the same pick-up spot. Enterprise’s car rentals in Ireland in this class often start at about £110 per day, but if you choose to rent a people carrier car from Sixt, you will be asked to pay £39.76 to use it for 24 hours. Still, most brands will provide you with the standard renting features, like unlimited kilometres, theft protection, full to full and CDW and can be picked up from all major and towns and cities here – Galway, Naas, Wexford etc.