Car Rental In Dubai

We are a leading car rental supplier that works with top global brands that offer trusted car rentals in Dubai. We excel when it comes to the quality and flexibility which we offer to our customers. Our partners’ prices are surprisingly affordable. If you rent a car in Dubai through us, you will be able to explore the city freely and at your own accord. Given the city’s large size and countless attractions, that is a chance you certainly do not want to miss.

Competitively priced car rental in Dubai

Our partners’ cheap car rentals in Dubai are appreciated by all of our customers. Thanks to our open and fair pricing policy, our clients will not have to deal with unnecessary costs or hidden fees. The car rental services with which we can supply you are entirely customer-focused which is why you won’t need to worry about going over budget. Even our partners’ airport car rentals in Dubai are available at a competitive price. If you want to rent a mini car from Dubai International Airport, you will certainly be pleasantly surprised to learn that Alamo’s starting price in this vehicle category is barely £14.62 per day. Europcar, on the other hand, offers full-size cars at the same pickup spot for just £33.55 and standard vehicles for £54.79. What is more, even a luxury ride will not cost you much since Europcar currently has premium car hire deals that start at £66.44 per day. Prices are a little more expensive in Dubai Deira. There, Sixt has economy car rentals that are available for a starting price of £24.27 per day. Although Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world, such great value rates can easily make you doubt that.

Convenient pick-up locations

To rent a car in Dubai through us, you will only need to visit our website and book a vehicle that best matches your requirements. The brands with which we are working have pick-up spots which are close to landmarks, hotels, resorts and airports. Our partners’ have an extensive coverage of the city and the car rental options with which you can supply you include weekly, fortnightly and one-way rentals. We work seven days of the week which will enable you to book a vehicle on a day and hour of your choosing. If, for some reason, you want to change your pickup spot, simply give our polite consultants a call. We are always ready to offer assistance to our clients and to help them find the best car hire deals in Dubai.

Our clients know we are the best

We have warm working relations with all the major rent-a-car suppliers here in Dubai. From Sixt to Alamo and Budget, we have access to special deals that will help us find the best price for you no matter what. Please do not think twice about telling us what your exact requirements and personal preferences are so that we can make the necessary accommodations. Travel in style, without breaking bank by opting for Whizz Go rent a car. As easy as that.

Enjoy flexibility with us

We respect the wishes of our customers and we give 100% of us to fulfil them. That is why you have the chance to easily and quickly renew your contract with us once it expires. Also, you can pick a car from a massive fleet of modern vehicles. Rent a car in Dubai through us and your satisfaction as our customer will be guaranteed.

Fascinating facts about Dubai

In a matter of a just a couple of decades, Dubai has managed to transform itself from a small trading area to a true oasis in the middle of the desert. It is the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates by area and the second largest in terms of population. Dubai is like a poster child for the Guinness Book of World Records. It is home to the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), world’s longest gold chain, world’s first indoor winter sports resort (Ski Dubai) … and this list can go and on. But there is one thing that Dubai excels at – shopping. The city is one of the newest yet most ambitious shopping hotspots on the globe and it has already been dubbed “Middle East’s shopping capital.” The City of Gold has over 70 shopping centres, the largest of them is The Dubai Mall. The latter is actually the world’s largest shopping mall. It has a total of 502,000 square metres of retail space and it attracts about 54 million people annually. But Dubai is more than just a city. Together with Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm al-Quwain, Dubai is one of UAE’s emirates. This means that it has its own monarch. And yet, the City of Gold is an incredibly international place. About 85% of the people who live in Dubai are expatriates. Also, although the official local language in the city is Arabic, English is used quite regularly.

Before oil became the predominant factor in Dubai’s economy, the city was known for its pearl exports which reached its peaked in the early 20th century and declined rapidly when the Great Depression hit in the 1930s. The local climate is a hot desert one, so if you are not a fan of cold winters, visiting Dubai in the November-March period may be a good idea for you.