Car Rental in Denmark

Denmark, one of the happiest countries in the world. It has an impressive geographic variety and a number of interesting tourist attractions. That makes efficient car rentals in Denmark an essential way to explore the country.

Driving around Denmark

Danes are notorious for their love of bikes. About 50% of the locals prefer bicycles over cars. But tourists are not likely to appreciate that form of transportation because, in this part of the world, it is raining or snowing every other day. That is why if you plan to rent a car in Denmark, opt for a four-by-four vehicle that comes with winter tyres, especially if you are planning to visit the countryside. Also, you should better avoid driving during the evening or the night because the visibility can become quite limited.  Licensed car rentals in Denmark are available only for those who have turned 21 years of age and who have obtained their driving license at least one year ago. Even though the country is not very big neither in size nor in population, its road network system is very well-developed and it is maintained in a good condition. When driving in Denmark, make sure you keep your light on all the time and that you keep your eyes open for cyclists. The speed limits in the country are pretty similar to those in most EU countries – 50 km/h in urban areas, 80 km/h outside of urban areas and up to 130 km/h on major motorways.

We will offer you cheap car rentals in Copenhagen, Greena, Aarhus etc.

There are many international car hire brands operating in the country. Unlike most other European countries, renting a car in Denmark is usually cheaper in its capital than in most of its other big cities such as Assens or Herning for example. If you want to rent a car from the international airport in Copenhagen, you can rely on companies like Enterprise, Europcar or Alamo. Europcar has the lowest starting prices for that location and it offers small cars for barely £6.85 per day and premium cars for only £19.35 per day. In comparison, Enterprise’s luxury vehicles will cost you nearly twice as much – £42.52 per day which makes nearly £298 per week. If rent a car at Copenhagen Airport from Alamo, the price will start at £11.73 for luxury vehicles but the brand has some of the most competitively priced car hire services at Alborg Airport, where you can rent a small car for £11.94 per day from Alamo which will cost you £47.59 if you rely on Enterprise.