Car Rental In Cape Town

Our partners’ versatile car rentals in Cape Town are hard to say “no” to because they come with many advantages and extras and yet the final price is always reasonable. As a company that has managed to establish itself as a leading name in the sector, we never let down our customers because we always help them to find premium quality car rental in Cape Town.

Amazing car rental deals in Cape Town

Our partners’ rates are generally quite cheap and they remain so regardless of the demand or the season. We are one of the few car rental suppliers that have a clear pricing policy which is completely free of surcharges. With us, there are no hidden fees and what you see is what you will get. And if that was not enough, we also help you enjoy great car hire deals in Cape Town at the moment that cover many different locations. As a start, we can currently help you rent a mini car from First Car Rental at Cape Town International Airport at the price of just £13.01 per day. Keddy also has impressive offers for intermediate vehicle rentals at the same pickup spot starting at £32.98 per week. Those of you, who prefer to rent a standard SUV, will need to have a daily budget of only £39.02 since that is the price set by First Car Rental at the moment. If you are on a business trip in Cape Town Rondebosch, you will be pleased to hear that Europcar offers intermediate vehicle rentals for under £32.98 per day, while First Car Rental’s mini cars will cost you only £13.01 to rent for a full day.

Easy booking process

Booking our partners’ insured car rentals in Cape Town is also very easy and it will not require much of your time. You can book a vehicle online through our website. That gives you the freedom to cross this task off of your list anywhere you are – at home, in your office or travelling on the public transport. We also maintain a non-stop customer care line which you can use to call a team of vetted consultants. You have our word that we will not burden you with booking fees. The well-recommended companies with which we are working offer not only weekly car rental options but also fortnightly car hire deals.

Don’t worry – the latter comes at a very competitive price.

Large selection of automotive equipment to choose from

All automobiles have basic equipment, which you can decide to augment. Our partners offer a wide selection of additional features such as snow chains, ski racks, bicycle stands, GPS receivers, roof boxes, infant seats, and more. Every piece of supplementary equipment is charged additionally and separately, so choose carefully what you really need and what you do not, especially if you are travelling on a tight budget. Furthermore, you can tell us which are the features that you are absolutely looking for and we at Whizz Go will find you rent a car services in Cape Town that can accommodate your demands.

Whizz Go is the best choice that you have

We enjoy high levels of client satisfaction. People who have entrusted us with arranging for their car rentals in Cape Town all report professionalism, diligence and care for the details detailed from our technicians. The outstanding client reviews that we receive on a regular basis certainly prove that we are the best car rental accommodator operating in Cape Town at the present moment. Join the large family of our happy customers today.

Flexible car rentals in Cape Town for all occasions

Our partner’s versatile fleet of vehicles will respond to the needs of business travellers, families, university students, tourists on a budget and etc. We will help you choose from an impressive selection of cars that range from economy and hybrid rides to sports cars, convertibles and SUVs. With us by your side, only the sky is the limit. We can help to rent the car of your dreams.

Travel more, spend less

At Whizz Go, we will locate for you a Cape Town car rental company that offers automobiles with an excellent fuel/kilometre consumption ratio. This way you will not only ride in full comfort but also save some money. The vehicle will be given to you with a full tank and it is with a full tank that you must return or you will be charge additionally. While you may book the car of your choice at any given moment, you can cancel your reservation only up to the last 24 hours unless you have decided to activate the annulation protection clause during the booking.

What you need to know about Cape Town

Cape Town is a city located on the coast of South Africa. It is part of the province of Western Cape and it is home to South Africa’s Parliament. Therefore, even though the city is not the capital of the country, it is often called “South Africa’s legislative capital.” According to recent statistics, Cape Town ranks 10th in terms of population in Africa. The city is inhabited by more than 3.74 million people. Cape Town’s history goes back to the mid-17th century when it was founded by the Dutch settlers on the continent and that makes it the oldest town in South Africa. That is why locals like to call it “Mother City.” Cape Town is the most visited spot in the country by tourists. Travellers from all over the world are lured by the Mother City’s breath-taking nature. The magnificent Table Mountain overlooks the city and gives it a special charm. There are a number of national parks and nature reserves around Cape Town. Some of the include Table Mountain National Park, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Arderne Gardens and Company’s Park. The city is also famous for picturesque beaches like Muizenberg, Kommetjie, Mossel Bay, as well as Bloubergstrand. The colony of the only penguin species in Africa, the Jackass Penguin, can also be seen in the Mother City.

Cape Town is home to a large number of internationally known landmarks. The Castle of Good Hope is perhaps the city’s most prominent touristic site. The structure dates back to the second half of the 17th century and played a major role in the Second Boer War. It is recognised as a historical monument and during the 1980s was the subject of a major renovation project.

Mostert’s Mill is a popular landmark in Cape Town, South Africa. It was constructed in 1796 and is presently the oldest surviving and undamaged structure of its type in the country. The mill was commissioned by Gysbert van Rene, who named it after his son-in-law, Sybrand Mostert. It remained in the Mostert family until 1889, despite the fact that it ceased working in 1873. The mill was subjected to a restoration project in 1936 and is currently open to the public.

When talking about roads here in Cape Town, we must point out that the three national roads in the country start from here – N1, N2 and N7. One thing that you should have in mind that Cape Town suffers from some of the worst traffic congestions in South Africa, so when you drive here, first and foremost be very careful, and second of all, get an extra supply of patience.