A Quick Travel Guide to Lyon, France’s Food Capital

Paris is the most famous city in France but many people who live in the country or have travelled extensively across it will tell you that Lyon is much prettier, culturally-rich and dynamic place compared to la Ville Lumière. There is only one way for you to find out whether that is true – to visit Lyon. During your Paris vs Lyon investigation, you will need to check a few facts about France’s third largest city namely that:

  • Paris is known for wine drinking, while Lyon is known for both wine drinking and wine making
  • Amelie, La Vie en rose and The Pink Panther are just some of the many films set in Paris but Lyon is the place where the fathers of cinematography and filmmaking used to live and work
  • Even the most urbanised parts of Lyon have parks, while green open spaces are a rare sight in Paris
  • Paris is home to UNESCO’s headquarters and one UNESCO site but Lyon’s entire historic site is listed as a UNESCO landmark

Best time to visit the city

Book your trip to Lyon for May, June or September. This is when you will enjoy not only the best weather but also a normal influx of people. July is a rather hot month, while August is not a very interesting time to stop by Lyon. Many of the locals are on a summer holiday and the city is practically empty and dull as they are not many events and festivals going on.

Best ways to travel to and in Lyon

Lyon has its own airport, Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport, but it is often cheaper if you fly to Geneva and to then reach Lyon by train. If you have already landed somewhere in France, you can simply rent a car and travel to the city. Lyon is one of the biggest road hubs in the country so travelling there by car is easy and fast.

To explore the city, you can again rely on an automobile. Some of the best car rental companies operate within the region so you can quickly rent a car in Lyon at a reasonable price. There are many park-and-ride carparks around the city so if you get tired of driving, you can try the local public transport.

Culinary delicacies to eat

Lyon is often called the food capital of France or even of the world. There are several iconic French dishes that originate from this city. Those include quenelles, Tarte Praline, Lyonnaise saucissons, Caussin de Lyon, Les bugnes and many others.

Marvellous attractions to see

Lyon is one of those European cities that is filled to the brim with numerous attractions, landmarks and museums, the most famous of which are Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere, Place Bellecour, Lyon Cathedral, the Musée des Confluences, Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon, etc. To properly explore all the local sights, you will either need to take a Sabbatical or move to the city. Still, if you stay somewhere in the Presqu’île, you will have a better chance of seeing more of Lyon for a short amount of time. This area has a very central location and it is set between the rivers of Saône and Rhône and offer easy access to some of the top tourist attractions in Lyon.

So, is Lyon a better city than Paris? You know what you need to do to find the answer to that question!

Pictured: Basilique de Fourvières, Lyon, France