A Quick Guide to Planning a Vacation Abroad

Summer has gone through the door and it is time for your next adventure in a foreign country. If you want to be fully prepared for your upcoming journey, there are several details that you should figure out before you board the plane.

Research is your friend

Even if you are going to a well-known tourist destination like Barcelona, Rome or the beautiful island of Bali, you should not skip on doing some reading on the spot, so that you can be fully prepared to experience it in the best possible way. Three key aspects to focus on:

  • Local legislation and customs – get acquainted with the laws of the country that you will be visiting, as well as specifics of the way people conduct themselves there. Every country, and in most cases, regions within one and the same nation, have defined rules of behaviour, and you should know them in advance in order to avoid fines or even a beating at the otherwise really nice bar by the beach that you have found.

  • The food – read a bit about the traditional food and cuisine of the country you are planning to visit during your summer vacation. Eating is the quickest and most enjoyable way to explore a certain culture. You can have burgers and chips every day at home. If you are really in the mood for some excitement and stimulation beyond your wildest dreams, gorge on what the locals sustain themselves on. Chances are that you will not be disappointed.

  • Off the beaten track – big tourist destinations have a lot of similarities to share. If you really want to feel what it is special about the place where you will be spending a week or two, then you should carefully research its so-called “hidden secrets”. You will be glad you did.

Figure out how you will get around

Public transportation is the preferred means to move from one place to another for most tourists. However, if the country you are visiting does not have a well-established network or if you will be staying at a remote area where great distances are to be covered (if you heading to Russia), you might want to rely on a trusted car rental service in Russia, for example. Remember to make a booking well in advance so that you can get the vehicle you want, from the location that will be most convenient for you.

Sort out your medical insurance

No one likes to think about worst-case scenarios but travel insurance is a way to guarantee peace of mind for yourself and your companions in case of an emergency. Even though counties in the EU have more or less a unified healthcare system, it is always better to have an additional safety net in the form of travel insurance. It is an utter must if you will be travelling outside the European Union. The investment is minimal but if God forbids, you fall ill or if you get involved in an accident during the time you are abroad, you will reap surprising benefits.