How to Plan a Scenic Road Trip in Norway?

When thinking about Norway, it is easy to picture scenic fjords, picturesque waterfalls, glaciers, amazing hiking trails and so much more. While many of its highlights can be visited and seen from a train or by bus, renting a car in Norway opens up a whole new set of opportunities and enables you to venture into the countryside. You can visit some of the most popular places in a rental car:

  • The Heddal Stave Church
  • Geirangerfjord
  • Viking Ship Museum
  • Jostedalsbreen Glacier
  • Voringfossen, etc.

Driving in the Land of the Midnight Sun is a great experience and the most affordable way of travelling as public transport can also be really expensive. Plus, by renting a car in Norway you can find low-cost accommodation options outside of the main tourist areas. If you are planning a road trip to Norway, here’s what you need to know first.

Pictured: Aurlandsfjorden, Norway

National Tourist Routes

Eighteen highways in Norway have been designated National Scenic Routes by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for breath-taking scenery and various facilities, activities, as well as viewpoints convenient for tourists. Along the roads, you can buy local arts and crafts, find a cosy place to dine and clean public restrooms to use. The government has invested in the improvement of such projects with the goal of increasing tourism in rural areas. Some of those roads are:

  • Gamle Strynefjellsvegen
  • Andøya
  • Hardanger
  • Helgeland Coast North
  • Ryfylke
  • Sognefjellsvegen, etc.

However, there are roads that are still not waiting to be improved so you should be careful when driving on them. But the best part is that many of the routes are located in the fjord region, offering travellers spectacular nature views, from the rockslides, cliffs, fjords and mountains to lakes, waterfalls, sheltered valleys and other.

Getting around

It is pretty easy to get around in Norway thanks to modern conveniences including trains, buses, boats, ferries, roads, large and small airports, etc. When exploring big cities, you probably won’t need a car. You can utilise a modern transport system, which can be a bit costly. But, one of the best ways to experience Norway in your own pace is by a car.

In order for you to rent a car and drive in Norway, you have to have a driving license issued in an EU/EEA country. The citizens of other countries can drive with their driving license, which is valid and can be used for up to 3 months. When driving, you have to have lights on at all times, respect speed limits that are probably lower than you are used to (the Norwegian speed limit is 80 kilometres per hour) and follow other rules of the road. Also, apart from pedestrians and cyclists on the road, there are many toll stations.

Renting a car

Renting a car is one of the best ways to explore all the beautiful sites in Norway. You can rent a car in most cities and towns in Norway. You can also rent one at the airport. Booking online is simple and easy, but you can do it in person at car rental offices or have your agent do it for you. It is recommended that you book in advance, especially during the summer because it is peak season.