Myths About Travelling Around San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Union Square – there are many great things to see and to do in a marvellous city like San Francisco. But before you start planning your trip to this famous hotspot in California, get yourself a guidebook because the myths related to travelling around San Francisco are many. To give you a sense of it all, we will just say that some of the most popular of them claim that San Fran is:

  • A very large and densely populated place
  • Eternally foggy
  • A train heaven
  • Right next to Los Angeles

Myth#1: It will take you a long time to explore this large city

San Francisco is among the most notorious American cities mainly because it has been used as a background for many famous films such as Mrs. Doubtfire, The Rock, Dirty Harry and Bullitt. That is why probably why it is commonly assumed that the Golden City is also among the largest in the country. In reality, San Fran covers a territory of just 7 by 7 miles and has a population of barely 884,300 people. In comparison, Houston in Texas is inhabited by nearly 2.1 million people and spans on 627 sq. mi. (as opposed to San Francisco’s modest 231,89 sq. mi.). Therefore, even a couple of days in this city can make an excellent city vacation.

Myth #2: You can rely on the local train services to explore the city

Bay Area Rapid Transit or BART is the main train operator in the city and it has an impressive railway network that links the Golden Gate City to various cities in East Bay and the Peninsula such as Richmond and Pittsburgh and Fremont. Still, you will be better off exploring the city if you rent a car in San Francisco. That is because there are only 8 BART stations within the city itself. Other local public transport alternatives you can try include Muni (San Francisco Municipal Railway), streetcar lines, trolleybuses, ferries, cable cars and buses.

Myth #3: Driving in San Fran means driving through a thick fog

SF, The Golden Gate City, The City by the Bay, Frisco… San Francisco has many nicknames and Fog City is one of them. If you browse the web for landscape wallpapers of the city, you will get a ton of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge covered in a thick blanket of fog. That fog is actually something of a local celebrity and it even has its very own social media account and a name – Karl the Fog. Naturally, a great part of the city’s visitors is not fond of the idea of exploring it with a car. After all, driving in an unknown foggy place can be risky and confusing, right? Well, you have nothing to worry about because San Fran is not the foggiest place in the U.S. Also, you can avoid fog-favourable weather conditions if you schedule your trip to the city not for the summer rather than for the autumn.

Myth #4: When in San Francisco, drop by Los Angeles

Both of these cities are set in California and tourists express a great interest in them. So, when planning their vacation in the City by the Bay they also decide to combine it with a quick stop to LA. Little do they know, however, this road trip will take them 6 hours at the very least… in one direction.