Exploring Turkey on a Budget

Turkey is an amazing and unique country. It presents an interesting mixture of European and Asian culture which is especially obvious in Istanbul – a big city which serves as a bridge between the two continents. This country is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it is visited by tens of millions of people from all over the world every year. Exploring Turkey, however, can be a pricey experience because this place is made up of seven incredibly different geographical regions that range in terrain, altitude, etc. Also, not many people realise that with a territory of 783,562 sq. km., the Republic of Turkey ranks as the 37th biggest country on the globe. So, if you want to travel around the Anatolian peninsula on a budget, you need to:

  • Schedule your trip either in the spring or in the autumn
  • Stay at hostels rather than in hotels
  • Book and plan everything in advance
  • Combine transportation options

Pick the right time to travel to Turkey

Turkey is a country that has four seasons. Winters are cold which makes it a low tourist season. Summers tend to be hot but that is also when the county gets really crowded and accommodation prices for visitors go up. So, if you want to save money, you should better opt for a holiday either in April-May or September-October. This is when you will enjoy both bearable weather and prices.

Hostels vs hotels

Many European countries have an abundance of hostels and Turkey is no exception to this rule. They will not offer you luxury and sometimes they can be noisy, dirty and offer little privacy. But if take your time, you can find excellent hostels which are both cheap and cosy. Keep in mind that just like hotel prices, hostel rates tend to vary from season to season.

The earlier the cheaper

If you are planning to have a long holiday in Turkey and to explore many different parts of the country, start prepping and booking as early as possible. As it was already noted, this is a big place and even if you are not on a super tight budget, you may still struggle to meet your travel expenses. But if you book your accommodation, flights and tours in advance, you can save a ton of money.

Getting around Turkey without spending a fortune

This picturesque country has many scenic roads and the best and most inexpensive way to see them is by renting a car in Turkey. Again, to land a good car rental deal, you need to compare rates and book your vehicle of choice several weeks in advance. If you plan to visit only a few big cities in Turkey, you can rely on local public transport. In Istanbul, for example, you can get an e-zlink card at a dirt-cheap price and travel around the city as much as you’d want. To make your way to some other Turkish town or city, avoid flights and rely on busses. They are several times more affordable although they tend to get quite crowded at times.

Exploring Turkey on a budget is not impossible but it will require some early planning on your side. Also, you will need to give up on luxury accommodation. Still, that will give you a better sense of the country.