A Cross-State US Road Trip with a Rental Car

If you are into long road trips, the United States is the country to be. Some of the most popular and amazing road trip destinations can be found namely in the Land of Opportunity. Take Route 66 and you will get the chance to explore 8 different states and get all the way from Los Angeles to Chicago but not without enjoying some of the country’s most breath-taking landscapes or stopping by various interesting museums and landmarks. Take your car for a spin on the Pacific Coast Highway and you will witness the beauty of the Californian coast. These are just some of the many fantastic and unique road trip options which the US offers and the best way to enjoy them is with a rental car, especially if you are visiting from abroad. However, before you hire a vehicle, make sure:

  • It comes with unlimited mileage
  • You book a one-way rental car
  • The vehicle has GPS on board
  • To use the services of a large international or national company
  • Tell the car rental firm in advance about your cross-state travel plans

 Another thing you should not forget is to carefully and thoroughly compare rates and quotes. Booking a vehicle for a lengthy travel experience of this kind can be pricey.

Opt for unlimited miles

Most standard car rental programs have limited mileage and once you exceed it, you will be required to pay additional fees. This means that the longer the trip, the heftier those fees will be. With unlimited mileage, however, you will not need to worry about additional costs.

Consider booking a one-way rental car

Unless you are planning to return to the starting point of your trip, you should always consider using one-way car hire services for your cross-state vacation. This will give you the flexibility to return the car at any location in the country. For example, if you rent a car in Miami and head over the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, New York or Washington D.C. (or maybe all three of them), you will not need to travel all the way back to Magic City to drop off the vehicle. Instead, will be able to return it at a convenient location somewhere in the Big Apple, for example.

Hire a GPS-equipped vehicle

Given that the United States of America is the third largest country in the world by area, having a GPS in the rental car is simply a must. You may be asked to pay extra for this feature but ultimately it will be worth it.

Avoid local car hire companies

The selection of car rental services in the U.S. is impressive. Local businesses in this field tend to offer bargain deals but not many of them have the capacity to provide their customers with one-way cross-state options. Therefore, it is best if you go with a well-known nationwide or an international brand as those are less likely to impose restrictions on out-of-state driving.

Notify the car rental company about your plans

Be upfront about your road trip plans. Inform the car hire company that you will go to other states. Otherwise, they may require you to later pay additional fees.