5 European Cities to Visit in Late Spring

The last months of spring, when the weather is getting increasingly warmer and life becomes good again, is definitely the time to plan a vacation abroad. If you like exploring new and interesting locations, cities and cultures, and feel the itch for adventure, then this is the best time for you to start looking for cheap car rentals and pack your bags. Here are five great cities in Europe that make an excellent spring vacation spots.


The English capital is one of the greatest and most interesting cities in the world. Even though there is no bad time to visit London, late spring does offer better conditions for sightseeing and exploration. The weather is fine, it is not too rainy and the tons of public parks that the city is actually pretty famous for are green with many blossoming trees. If you are looking for a magical time in London, then you should definitely consider coming here at this time of year. If you find a cheap car rental in London you will also have the chance to make a day trip to the countryside located just outside of the English capital and it will be equally satisfying.


Spring is the best time to visit the capital of Spain because if you wait until summer, you risk exposing yourself to the extreme heat of which even locals try to steer clear. Madrid is a huge city full of interesting landmarks, and some of the best art museums in the world, including but not limited to:

So, if you want to go on a cultural holiday, Madrid is definitely the place for that.


Widely recognised as the fashion capital of the world, Milan is located in Northern Italy and it is one of the best weekend destinations for European travellers. In addition to beautiful, classy boutiques, traditional architecture and some pretty nice museums, here you will also have the chance to enjoy the famed Italian cuisine. Nice little restaurants that offer exquisite menus and wonderful wine lurk from every corner and will appeal to every foodie out there.


The Estonian capital might not be the first destination one thinks of when planning a trip around Europe but the truth is that this small beautiful city has quite a lot to offer. The post-communist atmosphere that is characteristic of other countries which used to be under the influence of the USSR is hardly visible in Tallinn, especially in its historic centre which looks as if it has come out of a fairy-tale. An additional bonus of choosing to spend your spring holiday in this city is that Estonia is a significantly cheaper destination than most other countries in northern Europe.


Copenhagen is a multi-cultural city that never sleeps. It has a thriving night-life that appeals particularly to people of the younger generations. Denmark’s capital is also home to an impressive selection of museums and that is going to appeal to those who love cultural tourism. Some of the most interesting attractions in this city include The National Gallery of Denmark, Ny Carlsberg Glypotek and The Medical Museum.

Go and rent a car now and you will make your spring holiday in Europe more budget-friendly.

Pictured: Tallinn – cityscape