5 Biggest Myths About Travelling to Italy

Italy is a country that every avid traveller wants to visit at least once in their life. This is one of the few places in the world that can offer you excellent food, unique cultural and historic attractions, natural beauty and a positive and relaxed vibe. And yet, even though that the boot-shaped country is among the most popular European destination for tourists from every part of the globe, there are still various myths related to travelling around Italy. To save you any disappointment or embarrassing situations, we will now debunk some of the most popular misconceptions about Bel Paese which we have ranked in the following order:

  1. Life happens at a slower pace in Italy
  2. Local food is fantastic everywhere you go
  3. You will need to survive on a diet of pasta and pizza during your stay in the country
  4. Italians are dress like fashion icons
  5. Everyone speaks some English in Italy

There are many stereotypes that have shaped these myths about this gorgeous European country and many of them do not even make a logical sense.

Slow living

If you have read any novels set in Italy or have watched some Italian films, you have probably noticed that locals know how to enjoy life and all the good things that come with it – food, wine, love… That is why it is generally believed that slow living is the way to go in this part of the Old Continent. Well, if you rent a car in Italy and take it for a spin during the rush hour in one of the country’s large cities such as Rome, for instance, you will see exactly how fast-paced thing can get there. So, yes – Italians enjoy to enjoy life but they are neither lazy nor are they slow, especially when they are behind the wheel.

Food is always excellent

Some of the best family-owned restaurants in the UK, the US or even in Australia are run by Italians. But do not expect that you will get to eat 5-star meals at any Italian place in which they serve food. Like everywhere else in the world, the quality will vary.

Italians eat only pasta and pizza

Italian cuisine consists not only of pasta and pizza. The country is also known for its outstanding cheese and ice-cream, for instance. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants that serve more international food options.

Everyone in the country dresses by the latest fashion

One of the key fashion events takes place in Italy and many of the most notorious fashion houses originate from the boot-shaped country. Still, do not feel obliged to change your entire wardrobe before your trip to Italy. Do not be afraid to wear comfortable clothes like jeans. And yet, avoid looking shabby. Dress smart – you are in Europe after all!

You don’t need to learn Italian

In some of the biggest Italian cities, you will probably do just fine even if you are not bringing an English-Italian phrasebook with you. However, if you plan to go on a road trip around the country, learn some basic Italian words and phrases because many locals do not know a word in English.