About Us

Founded several years ago, Whizz Go Rent a Car is a start-up company in the field of rent-a-car services that is quickly becoming one of the foremost professionals in car rental solutions in Europe. The core values of our company are based on the idea that our clients deserve more for the value of their money and that is precisely what we are trying to provide them with.

As we have mentioned, we founded Whizz Go Rent a Car three years ago, in 2014. At first we were just a group of friends who had this great idea for a business but did not exactly know how to make it happen. Through much hard work and dedication though we have already managed to build a solid portfolio of clients for our company. Those include not only people visiting London, Paris, New York and other global hotspots for tourism or other private matters, but quite a few businesses as well.

Whizz Go Rent a Car has become the go-to company for anyone looking to hire a reliable vehicle on a reasonable price. We see to that all our clients receive a thorough, comfortable and highly satisfactory service that would leave them with only positive memories from the experience of working with us. We constantly make improvements and expand customer expertience. This we do with one purpose and one purpose only – when you need to us for anything, we would have the adequate solution for you. We have already achieved so much, but there is little doubt in our minds that the best is yet to come. Share the journey with Whizz Go Rent a Car and you will not be disappointed.